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Ubytování Harrachov Konvalinkovi
Ubytování Harrachov Konvalinkovi
Ubytování Harrachov Konvalinkovi

General Terms and Conditions

Terms definition

Accommodation provider / Keeper
Zděněk Konvalinka, Harrachov 410, 512 46 Harrachov, Merchant ID: 13233033.

The natural or legal person who orders the stay as the ordering party.

These general terms and conditions amend the reservation conditions via the www.harrachov-konvalinka.cz website. The operator of this website is Zdeněk Konvalinka, Harrachov 410, 512 46 Harrachov. The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the Conditions) of the private accommodation at Konvalinka´s regulate the mutual contractual relationship between the Accommodation provider and the Client.

I. Payment Conditions

1. Payment in full is required at each booking, in advance to the specified account, or the Client shall make the payment by credit/debit card on-line via www.harrachov-konvalinka.cz websites. In other cases, the Client will pay the payment on the spot after the negotiation with the Accommodation provider.

2. The Client has to check the room availability via phone or e-mail before the booking process and then it is possible to perform the booking. Subsequently, the Client will be sent a link to instructions on how to make an on-line payment on the contact email. Upon successful payment, the Client will be notified of the confirmation of the payment and the booking will be proclaimed valid. In case the Client does not receive the second confirmation email about the payment within 24 hours, he/she shall contact us.

3. All prices are stated in CZK on the www.harrachov-konvalinka.cz website and they are negotiable. The price includes a Municipal fee of 15 CZK per person per day.

II. Change of the booking

For any changes to the booking (dates of booking, room type, etc.), the Client should send an email requesting the change to the Accommodation provider, or he/she should inform the Accommodation provider about the change via phone. Any change will be acknowledged if it is possible to do so.

III. Cancellation Policy

Upon booking confirmation, the booking becomes binding and it can not be canceled. In the event of a booking cancellation or no arrival to the accommodation, the total amount paid for accommodation is forfeited and it is non-refundable. Upon prior agreement and if circumstances permit, it is possible to move the booking to another date.

IV. Client´s rights and obligations

1. The Client has the right to be fully and sufficiently informed about the ordered services, i.e. their scope, date and price, for the proper provision of the ordered, checked-in (paid) services.

2. The Client is obligated to fully and correctly state all the essential requirements of the order/reservation request, to pay the booked stay using the required method and to respect the regulations of the facility, the services of which he/she uses.

V. Final Provisions

These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the service order. The Accommodation provider reserves the right to request payment of an advance payment of up to 50 - 100% of the price of the ordered services and the Client is obliged to pay the remaining amount upon arrival. Payment can be made in cash or via account transfer. Payment can be made by credit card, in case of payment by a payment card through a terminal or an online payment gateway, the Accommodation provider has the right to charge a fee of up to 2.5% of the amount paid. Changes and additions to these terms and conditions may be made individually between the accommodation and the Client solely in written form.

These Terms and Conditions were created on 1st October 2017.